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Batman vs Master Chief

So the whole reason for starting this blog is because I'm a geek and I asked my darling friends who would win in a fight of batman vs master chief. 
I know a few mega bat-fans as well as me and a few mega Mr.117 fans..... As well as me so I asked them the question and got the following responses:

Victim number 1; Peej/Studio Boy/Bat-fan: 100% Bat-Fan.

"Batman doesn't need guns to win, he's taken on more than guns, part of batmans character is that he is never going to die and he ALWAYS finds a way to win, now on the other hand if the heavy rumours about the next halo game are true master chief WILL DIE, bruce Wayne decides to retire no one beats him it's his choice,
He'd be beaten faster than a loading menu, master chief is just a glorified tyger guard."

So that's one for batman I skipped my responses or I'd be here hours!

And so far that's all for the 100% batman.

The next argument is a mixed opinion but with Chief winning.

Victim number 2: Swifty/TheGeekCrisisSaviour: 
"As much as I love batman master chief is way more hardcore, 
Master chief is able to survive orbital re-entry without ending up dead.
Batman has an awesome car and bike.
Master chief has an AI which he can store in the back of his head.
Batman has a grapling hook gun... Master Chief has many guns.
Batman has a butler and a secret cave,
Master Chief has "luck",
Batman saves Gotham city, Master Chief saves the whole bloody universe."

Thats some fair on both side points, this is why I wanted to talk to a variety of people because some  are so set on their love for one they don't give any credit to the other.
So anyway the next victim is a Master Chief FTW kinda oppinion:

Victim number 3: Mr incredible / Roomy:
"Does batman have power armor? No. Does batman have physical enhancements making his bones as tough as steal? No. Does batman have an energy shield? No. Is batman a hardened war vet with the highest class military training? No, he is not.
U wanna know what batman has?
Martial arts, money and gadgets.
He would be dead in a matter of seconds. 
Then I said some stuffs to which he responded:
It doesn't matter how nifty he is he is still just a man and wouldn't stand a chance. He is not 7 foot tall.
I say just a man because he is being compared to the master chief who is an augmented super solider, by ordinary man standards batman isn't just a man but when compared to the master Chief he is JUST A MAN.
This was followed by a little bitch off at each other, in the friendly-ist of ways of course.

And that was his argument. He said he could come up with much more if asked to! 

The next argument is short but sweet.
Victim number 4: Willyham/Pumpernickle /Little bro:
"Batman - he may not win the fight but he's cooler" 
I'm feeling quite warm toward that comment ha

This argument comes from someone with big bat love... but he can actually speak through geek facts rather than just character love! 

Victim number 5: Bat-fan/GoldenBrown
"Probably would be master chief. mjolnir armour and genetics win hands down. They are pretty much the same build except master chief is taller, batman fought superman and walked away, batmans my boy but he would loose this on. "
After that we discussed picasso drawings and stickmen examples of how we think the fight would go.

This next argument believe it or not after reading it... hasn't come from a 6 year old, he is infact 21 or something.

Victim number 6: Meathead/Thundercat/Dickface
Batman who has almost got his arse kicked by the likes of the Joker, Freeze etc compared to Master Chief, who owns aliens..
I mentioned almost isn't really good enough... I forgot to mention if he was going to get all smart ass he could have at least pointed out Bane who actually 'broke the batman'
MC can flip tanks..
But if a tank was flipped.. he could flip it back...
.. not really helping yourself here..
Oh so tough, he is a useless superhero as he lacks any super powers or abilities, MC would own him.
We then had a little argument about the books and games and what not... but that was about it.

My last Victim that I have gathered for now is pretty much all for 117.

Victim number 7; BigBrother/BrianButterfield/Benj:

"Obviously 117, because Batman is just a human from our time, 117 is a genetically enhanced supersoldier with future technology.
Batman beats normal humans with current tech guns, he has no chance against a superhuman with future tech. Plus 117 has Cortana, so more brains than a bat.
It's not even a fair contest batman doesn't have any super powers at all.
Never stopped him before... that's a pro if anything..
Then we had a little debate about the batman superman fight.. and that sums up today's opinions.

Now for mine :D

Soooooooo, Im a big fan of batman and Master Chief. I think that neither one should be dismissed instantly because they both have some pretty nifty C.V's.
The thing that wins it for me hands down is Cortana. She is literally a genius and can get her hands on any information the Master Chief needs pretty much instantly. The fact that she is in his armour and doesn't have to be contacted in any other way makes the two of them pretty incredibly powerful. 
Batman has oracle who I'm also a massive fan of, but she is not on a level with Cortana and I hate to say it but she has as no where near as much intelligence... mainly as she is a human and not an A.I.
One thing with batman is he supposedly never kills.. so that already defeats the argument really... but lets just say he would kill this time or even just a knock-out classes as a win then I think he may well get his booty handed to him.
Thinking about Spartans in general they have all been wiped out except 117 even the mark 2's so I don't think the armour alone justifies a win against batman, he's a smart dude with a lot of experience and training and I think he would come with more than a few tricks up his sleeve.
117 has a recharging shield which is pretty hefty, and also such amazing training in so many areas not to mention being genetically enhanced.
I agree with what was said before with the fact that 117 saves the whole universe and not just a city shows his capabilities, and I think that he has way less personal attachments/issues too which are a weakness for batman.
I know that batman never dies in the comics stories etc... well not properly but in my opinion if 117 killed bruce wayne that would be batman dead, whether grayson or damien or whoever took over... this fight is bruce vs john and nothing else counts.
So in a fight with Batman and Master Chief I think it has to be a hands down win for Master Chief BUT with a good fight given by Batman before he is K.O'd.

Not sure why I felt the need to write this but I like to see all my Geek Clan's opinions in one place.
If i get round to doing the stick drawings of the fight ill add them haha.